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From Littleton, CO — 04/14/2008

(Call center tech support rep). If you like pay-for-performance and opportunity for overtime, this might be the job for you. In fact, overtime is mandatory, minimum of 5 hrs a week, which usually means working split shifts or coming in on your day(s) off. Pay-for-performance bonuses and raises also means that you're micromanaged, recorded, and picked apart over everything. It's like having someone lodged right up your a$$ all day long! :) I like helping customers, even the ones which don't know their remote control from their elbow, but balancing work and LIFE with this job is near impossible. The benefits are terrible but not nonexistent (5 paid days off a year and 0 sick days, expensive/worthless health insurance, for instance), a deficiency that Charlie (the CEO) thinks taking his employees to Six Flags or having a party at Coors field will make up for. And unless you have low standards or no family to worry about, it doesn't.
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