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From Denver, CO — 09/14/2010

I am tired of reading so many negative comments about DISH. DISH Network is a big company that is learning how to grow up. There aren't many places that have grown from start-up to a Fortune 200 company without some growing pains and DISH is no different. There are opportunities to improve things everywhere you look and I joined to help make things better. The one thing I appreciate is the chance to make a difference and having worked at big companies before, you can do alot here if you're good at your job and commited to the Company. DISH is an exciting place as the company makes the change to a more mature organization while at the same time the industry is changing rapidly as mobile video becomes big. One thing you'll find if you pay attention and ask good questions is that DISH isn't for everyone and never will be. As long as you're smart, high energy, accountable, thick-skinned and a team player, DISH can be a great place to work and grow. There are complaints for every company on this site, so I'd check DISH out with an open mind and come ready to work hard. if it's not for you, it's best to figure that out before you join.
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