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From Missoula, MT — 08/21/2008

So I'm going to be leaving this job in about a month basically because I can't stand it anymore. I lasted about nine months, and I'm considered one of the more tenured people on my team. But DirecTv does has some very strong points:

The Good: The managers genuinely care about your welfare, there just isn't too much they can do about it. The company tries very very hard to keep morale high. They constantly have contests and games going on. And there's always something you can get rewarded for. Recognition is a big thing here. The pay is decent, but not quite enough to make the work worth it. The benefits are very good, I feel. There's a fitness center and a free video arcade. There's a pretty good incentive program too.

The Bad: They're not very flexible with allowing time off. You get 6 paid days off each year plus whatever time you accrue weekly (it takes FOREVER). If you're like me and you live on the other side of the country from your family, this doesn't work at all. The job itself is psychologically trying. You deal with a lot of upset people and you spend most of your time correcting other agent's mistakes. And you're expected to take as many calls as possible so there's no time for a breather between calls. It's very frustrating.
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