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From Tylelr, TX — 10/15/2010

I went to work for Dillard's knowing it was a sales position and knowing the hours of operation. I had worked in an office environment most of my life and at the end of my career I wanted to try my hand at sales. I had a very positive experience at Dillard's in Tyler, TX. Store Manager was very knowledgeable and approachable, and I absolutely adored the Store Ops Manager, you have to keep in mind they are not their to be your best friend, they have a job to do. I worked in Ladies ready to wear and the manager was very helpful and would work around your needs on scheduling. In 2 1/2 years of working there I had over $4.00 in wage increases. I worked in "seasonal" ready to wear and still managed to make my sph and get my credit apps, and I did not go into other areas to get my sales. I found that associates that did not meet their sph's were generally the ones that were never in their area (they were in other areas complaining about not making their sph's). The longevity of the work lives of the associates in Tyler that put forth the effort was many years. We all look to find the perfect "sales" job, and quite frankly there is no such animal. I thank my lucky stars that my Dillard's experience was with such wonderful manager's and sales associates. I left my position as I was moving to another state and wanted to take some time off and explore and enjoy our new surroundings, but if I decide to go back to work I will be looking for a Dillard's store near where I now live.
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