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Job Security4
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From Grandville, MI — 07/11/2008

Pay- as a normal associate you are started out at about $8 an hour which isnt to bad for what you are doing. There are reviews that allow you to receive performance raises and other training opportunities that allo you to progress your hourly rate. just like in any job you have to earn your raises, they are not just handed to you. And if you expect to make enough money there as a regular associate to make an honest living your an idiot anyways. you are not going to find a single place where you can be a regular associate in retail and make an honest living.
Respect- Respect is given where respect is earned. If you show respect to others they will more than likely show respect to you. Obviously there are a few bad applese but that happens anywhere.
Job security- It is also like any other job or career, if you are not performing or meeting your marks then why should they keep you around? Common sense people you dont want people working for you that are not accomplishing what you ask of them.
Work/Life Balance- The work consumes your life as much as you want it to. If you want to think about work outside of the job then that is your issue.
Career/Potential Growth- yes it is true you do have to kiss ass to move up in the company but it is like that in just about every company. They give you opportunities if you work hard and show you are capable of moving up in the company, but of course they have to like you in order for you to get that opportunity.
Co-worker competence- You run into idiots every where, it is impossible not too.
Work environment- Atleast at the store i work at the work environment is awesome. The managers are great with the associates and treat them like friends unless authority needs to be displayed. And the associates are all awesome. We get along great and hang out outside of work and it makes it that much more fun to work with them.

As far as people bashing the company about pushing scorecards and warranties and etc every company makes their company meet measurables. that is how ou evaluate people's performance and their work ethic. It is part of their job to push these things and if they are not exceeding then why should they still have a job? If an insurance agent doesnt sell insurance polocies then they arent going to keep their jobs.

The people bashing this company are the ones that got fired or under performed so they didnt like their job. Plus it is isnt for everyone.

Overall i think that the company is a great company to work for and would reccomend it as a place of employment to just about anyone.
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