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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Woodbridge, New Jersey — 08/28/2010

I worked for Dicks in 2005 and had to quit b/c of a death in the family. I recently began working p/t for the company, so I can have a little extra money during school. My experience since joining Dicks again has been wonderful. Since filling out the application again to beginning work was extremely quick!

Pay: The pay here is good for a retail/ sales job. They're incentives and extra money that can be earned from selling warranties, etc.

Respect: Respect as compared to anything in life is given when its is recieved in return. I have yet to have one concern or problem with anyone giving me respect.

Benefits: I work part timeso unfortunately I cannot comment on benefits.

Job Security: Sales and growth of the store seems to be doing pretty well. They are opening more stores.

Work/Life Balance: I rarely take off, but now that I am beginning school I need to take a day off and have recieved no "backlash" asking to do so. Just as any job the right thing to do is give a two week notice, but some things in life come unexpectantly and they do work with you.

Career Potential/Growth: I'm sure if you want it and you work for it you can achieve anything. I know a few people who have been promoted that still work there since I left in 2005.

Location: It is five minutes from my house so I can't complain about the commute!

Co-worker competence: I am a hardworker: However, I feel that there are a few who are immature, don't take direction well and believe that they are "all of a sudden your bosses" and you're suppose to take direction from them. Some I canNOT stand, but then again you do not always get along with everyone you work with, but I think some should be called out when they're not.

Work Enviroment: I have never had a bad experience in the working enviroment. They have high expectations, but then again that's how jobs should be. The managers are AWESOME and are friendly, but still act like bosses. Train you well and do not bias anyone from another. The district manager is also a great guy and doesn't have a "better than you persona nor attitude."

* I am sorry to those who didn't have a great experience working for Dicks I hope you found a better opportunity elsewhere, but then again it depends on your work enviroment.
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