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From Las Vegas, NV — 03/18/2010

DeVry purchased Apollo College in 2008 and this brought angst among employees because of the uncertainty of the future. However, DeVry has demonstrated that they are committed to both their students and their employees. They strive towards stellar customer service and consider employees, students, and the community their customers. The benefits are better than 2/3 of companys in this industry and I am very happy in my position. Our campus in particular collaborates together and builds a team environment in almost every situation. We are experiencing exponential growth with not only new programs to offer to students but new employees as well to assist in providing these.

I appreciate the vision that DeVry has for education and each of their branches of schools and can only encourage future employees to take the time and research the corporation that you are investing your time in. Not everyone may be the 'right fit' for DeVry, but if you are passionate about students and providing them the chance to realize their dreams, DeVry can provide you with the opportunity to make a difference!
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