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From Fayetteville, Arkans — 08/04/2008

The comforting thing about having a government job is the above average pay and job security. However, I do not feel like this VA hospital cares at all about overall employee welfare, and if it were'nt for the union we would be screwed.

We do earn a very fair amount of leave, however taking it is another story. My supervisor haggles me so much when I attempt to use leave that is rightfully mine (as in "do you really need the whole day" or "what are you doing" and roll their eyes when I take off for family things even though I have saved up leave in order to do so and my days off are far from excessive. I find it to be the least family friendly job I have ever had, thus the Work/Life balance is -1.It is sad when it is by far easier to call in sick than try to take planned leave!

In my department, the supervisors are more interested in "doing things the way they have always been done"than becoming more efficient or progressive to better serve our Veterans.

As far as co workers- I think it's safe 2 say there are 2 groups. Those doing the least they can just to get by, and the others who work very hard 2 pick up the slack.

If we were not in the middle of an economic recession, I would leave the VA, but right now I need job security. Yes, the retirement here is great- But I can not imagine 30 years in this soul sucking place!
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