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From Cambridge, MA — 02/26/2009

I began my professional career at the Volpe Center. As a coop, it was a great place to expand my knowledge base and network with other types of expertise. After becoming a full time employee and working there for several years (10 years before I left), I realized it is a melting pot for lazy Government employees. The Volpe Center is just another fantastic example of why the Federal Government is slow, incompetent, or ultimately a failure. If the Volpe Center was a private organization, it would be under with no hope of any bailout. Everyone would lose their jobs and fail at anything they be be hired for because they are so jaded as to what work actually entails.

I will say, there are some fantastic professionals working at Volpe, which is the only thing keeping it running. I learned a great deal from these people, so much so that I left to work for a different agency. I have great respect for the hard workers, but am continuously disgusted at the lazy schleps that are milking the system.

One piece of advice for the Center would be to listen to the bright and intelligent staff that want to do work and expand and diversify their work. Shrink the management. Look at successful PRIVATE business as a model to reorganize the Center. DO not look at how other Federal Agencies look at how you manage, they are of the same stem - Government. Look at ways to give the sponsors (ultimately the tax payers) their best bang for the buck instead of doing things the way things have been done.

I am glad I left the Center. But I would not be the professional I am today without it. I am greatful to all of my mentors. I was satisfied with my job there for some time. When I realized it was not the place to grow and become successful, I moved on.
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