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Job Security5
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From Cambridge, MA — 11/06/2008

I worked for the Federal DOT as my first job out of college. I left because I did not really want to specialize in transportation and felt like I was underachieving by working for the government.
A couple of jobs later, I realize that overall, it was a good place to work. People were mostly pleasant, the work was not any more boring than in many private sector positions, and work/life balance was great.
The pay was also not bad, especially at lower levels. Civil servants hit a plateau at higher levels. The adjustment for location was very fair.

My only gripe was the lack of competence among some senior project managers. Job security breeds complacency. Some upper managers were there for their entire career, and were never exposed to an efficient way of running projects. Many projects would take a quarter of the time to be completed in the private sector.
Otherwise, I liked the job and am still in touch with many of my former colleagues.
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