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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Cleveland, OH — 04/15/2008

I can not speak for Deloitte overall, simply for the Cleveland office. I feel that a work-life balance is encouraged in our office, although it is not always implemented. "Busy season" at a staff level is definitely something that is not family friendly and makes it very difficult to maintain a good balance. However, when you are not in busy season, things slow down and you can get back on track.

As for the pay, I would say that it is pretty comparable to any place of its size. However, I do not feel that any other first year employees would receive a 8-10% raise after one year at other companies. Additionally, I do not know anyone else who receives 25 PTO days plus 10 paid holidays when they first start. The job is tough and the hours get to you after a while, but the flexibility and down time make up for the stress.
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