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From DOD, Ca — 02/01/2010

Dell is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to work for in my entire career. The move to Dell from Perot cost me over $400.00 per month, mostly in increased health benefit costs. And the coverage is terrible. Meds are considerably more expensive.

We have no leadership or management locally at all. Our manager is on the east coast, and normally we only hear or see him once per year. We've been told no raises at all, even though the contract with the client has raises built in. Our shop is short handed, and no one is interested in filling the position, leaving us sinking to a certain doom.

At annual review time, we are given poor reviews, so they have an excuse to not give raises. There is no incentive to perform at all outside of our personal morals and character.

At our annual visit with management, a VP from our division was supposed to come out and talk to us. Not a call, not an email, just a no show. We are less important than other sites.

Thankfully, there are other contracts here that we can jump to. I will not tolerate the treatment we get here, the lack of respect, the total uncaring for our well being.
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