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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Austin, Tx — 09/14/2007

I had an interview with this company and they really seemed to have it together, the pay was good for entry level ($14.50 p/h + Bonuses) for Asset Protection Specialist, they had a schedule & interview agenda, and emailed all documents to me ahead of time, and their recruiter was very nice to me. Although they are renown for hiring a load and then laying people off in droves, I accepted their request for an interview.

Their information said their benefits were "Exceptional", but honestly I couldn't find anything about their benefits that sets them apart from any other company. It is located on the corner of Yager Lane and the I-35 service/frontage road. There is a bus that stops right near there. I showed up for the interview early (at 1:30 p.m. My interview was scheduled from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m.) Their facilities were O.K., sort of "bungalow ish" and compared to other Dell facilities I've seen, it appears this may be the "red headed stepchild" comparatively speaking - it's kept away from the other Dell facilities and not as nice. I noticed that it's a little cubicle city, but that's common in the corporate world). The Security Guard and Recruiter were both very nice to me.

I was shown to a conference room and told that out of 6 supervisors scheduled to interview with me, only 2 needed to show up to interview me. The rest would be getting work done. I waited, and waited. The recruiter checked in 2 different times and told me that she would inform the persons responsible and make sure that someone would get there. Around 2:45 I walked out very upset. As I passed the "section" I was to work in, I saw a slovenly looking woman laughing and chumming it up in her office with someone else. I can't make assumptions, but she was obviously in management, and had to have been informed by the recruiter on one of her earlier 2 check in's right? Out of 6 people, there wasn't even 1 available to be on time? I thanked the recruiter for her time and informed her that if this was an indication of how employees were treated, or the place was run, I didn't want to work there, and that I was interviewing them just as much as they were interviewing me. She offered to have me speak to the HR Coordinator to "go over the benefits and the rest of it". I refused. I once new a fellow supervisor who had an "If they want the job they'll wait for it!" attitude, I knew when I saw that, I would never tolerate such disrespect and would never give a potential employer the pleasure of obtaining my expertise at the cost of the dignity and respect that I deserve.

I've rated them a 3 on items that I honestly don't have a clue about (to be fair) such as work/life balance, Growth, and Co-worker competence.
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