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From Los Angeles — 04/07/2010

Itís really a shame that people have written many of the posts below. I have been at DLC 3 years and I really like the company. No company is perfect, yet this is the right place for me at this time in my career. I am learning, growing and am working with people I enjoy. I have made a lot of friends at DLC and would never be so selfish as to write some of the earlier posts out of respect for the hard work and dedication of my own contribution and for that of my colleagues.

The economy did not hit a snag as mentioned belowÖ We are in the middle of a huge recession, just short of a worldwide financial collapseÖ Ö I am wondering why some of the posters below seem to think any reduction in force is uncommon or unreasonable in this market? Name a company that hasnít made a cost concession of some type. You canít place blame for the economy on DLC.

If you are unhappy with the company, it might make sense to go find something else and not spend time and effort defaming a company where others are actually happily employed. Bad Karma.
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