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From Los Angeles, Ca — 03/17/2010

I have worked for DLC for some time now and have been pretty happy. Itís because of this that I feel the need to register my opinion. First, letís set the stageÖ its pretty commonly known that there has been almost no voluntary turnover at the company in the last 12-18 months. In fact, the company, in my opinion has done a good job of cleaning house of people that are high maintenance, negative, have low performance, limited skillsets or abnormally low utilization. I want to work for a company that top grades- the best companies practice this religiously. Itís also probably of no coincidence that the posts below come from the group named above. People in that category should worry about their jobs. If they had any maturity or self awareness needed to be a successful consultant, perhaps they would have been retained by DLC.

Contrary to the poster below- I like being treated as a revenue generator. Sure beats being viewed as a cost center. In fact, a lot of the stuff below is just completely exaggerated or just simply untrue. Nonetheless, itís all a matter of perspective. B, C and D players usually pass through life passing blame and judgment Ė they get what they attractÖ clearly.

Enough about that, on to the grading:

Location: While commute has varied year to year, I have mostly traveled less than an hour. Thatís great in a metro area. If you disagree, well then, you are probably not that serious about your career.

Work Life Balance- Generally, my average is about a 40-45 hour week- thatís an aberration for my peer group in industry- I have no complaints.

Stability: Consultants have employment agreements- they are not at will. Try finding that at another company. But, more importantly the best way to secure your job is to make yourself indispensable. Thatís the responsibility of the individual.

Pay- My salary seems in line with market, particularly in this economy. The bonus can be good if you apply yourself- In fact, the bonus programs were just increased.

Benefits- Above average. I have been happy that as health care costs have continued to rise, DLC has not passed on the increase to employees. In fact, last year my cost of benefits went down with my PPO plan. I am really happy with the 401k. I have over 5 weeks of PTO. Someone mentioned benefits being cut- not sure what they are talking about- at least mine have not been cut.

Co-worker competence- Strong- I have worked with some really bright people at DLC-

Communication- The company has been communicating frequently in the last 6 months. While there have been times where the frequency was inadequate, the company has taken several steps to improve this area. It seems to be a focus on a go forward basis. When I need to know something, I just pick the phone- We all have a direct line to the CEO.

Career potential: I have had the opportunity to do some really interesting work. In fact, I am able to influence my experience by being proactive and bringing new ideas/solutions to the table whenever I can. I have definitely gained new skills, new relationships and more exposure. I believe itís up to the individual to chart their own career development Ė perhaps thatís why my experience has been positive in this environment- It all falls back on initiative. A note about gapping or interim assignments- if you approach the work as a consultant those assignments can be pretty cool- When you are running the department, especially as a consultant, you have the opportunity to really make a difference vs. the limitations you face when working through the politics in industry. I like the flexibility of the career model at DLC.

So in conclusion-usually its the complainers that take the time to write negative reviews. Perhaps I am an outlier. Donít assume for a minute that there arenít plenty more people like me at DLC.
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