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From Australia — 03/31/2010

As mentioned in the other review, the department managers do not care about their staff, their roster or their conditions. Neither does upper management. Store managers care only for profit, not for the comfort of staff. I am a student and I thought working for DJs would have been a step up in the jobs I'd previously had. Not so. The pay is good but as a casual employee I have gone from working nearly everyday (they don't let you work 7 days a week if you're able, go figure) to gaining more income from student welfare (which is below the poverty line in Australia) than from my position. I'm now lucky if I get one three hour shift in a two week period.

In addition to this, I have made my availabilities clear to my manager, however they continually roster me on for days I am unable to work. When I point this out, the shift I cannot work is not made available on another day (As a full time uni student, I have very good availabilities four full days per week, plus half of one as well as nights). Also, since I have been trying to find other employment, I have received no responses from any of the positions I have applied for - this has never happened before and I blame having David Jones on my CV. I've worked at supermarkets that have treated me more considerately as an employee than David Jones. I'd like to point out, too, that the sales I have made have been over double my budget, however my manager has not bothered to offer either more shifts or a permanent part time position and has instead hired two more casual employees.

Also, the department I work in has a persistent problem with a foul smell, believed at first to be a dead animal and now thought to be a broken sewerage pipe. Despite repeated requests to upper management, nothing has been nor will be done to rectify the situation, despite seriously hampering employees to work effectively.
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