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From Sydney — 11/06/2009

Everything about a retail job at David Jones is fine. All DJ stores are in convinient locations as it is a major department store. The pay is okay, though it is just the minimal wage for each age group. And worker's discount is alright, though only 10%, considering that as a department store it stocks a variety of brands that we can have access too. The best thing about working at DJs is the co-workers who are very supportive, friendly and genuinely care for each other.

However I find that the managers are not very organised. Perhaps because the stores are so big, they do not call the workers to notify them of their work rosters. This is particularly bad for the new workers who at times aren't even called to be notified that they have been rostered to start work.

Also, because many of the workers are students, the managers do not respect staff members and rather focus on using staff for soley for work purposes. In particular, my manager does not attempt to build a working relationship with her staff. She shows no sympathy when a worker calls in sick and instead accuses him/her lying to get out of work.
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