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From Columubus, OH — 10/14/2010

Great project oriented assignment that comes back every March thru late May. The company grades the written portion of the Ohio graduation test and Pennsylvania 4th grade reading. Work runs out when all the tests are graded. You usually have 2 months of work max. They only hire people who have college diplomas.

Hiring is done by letter through the mail. Your application is done on site during the open house in late Feburary to mid March. They hire 3-4 weeks in advance of the start of the project. They give you a math test. Take 3 references and your actual dipolma. They will copy it onsite (they do not accept copies you make). They give you a quick 10 minute interview asking why you want to work for them. Wait about 2 weeks for a response. After the first season, you will get a letter the next season inviting you to fill out a form and mail it back in if you are available to work again.

Lunch room is small. 250 people work in an old grocery store that has been made into what looks like a study hall. Work stations are computers set on a long fold up desks. Maybe 5 people and a supervisor to a row. Maybe 75 people to a room. No drawers on the table and little elbow room. Supplies are provided to you. You are thoughly coached on how to grade the papers.

You are hired by the company on a project basis. (Not a temporary). Hours are 8-4:30. $50.00 bonus for perfect attendance. Lunch is a half hour. If you want to leave early, they don't care as long as you work 35 hours a week. Work is repetitive scoring. Sometimes boring if the subject the student was writing about was boring. You read papers fast and grade 0 to 4 pts. Laughing is encouraged as the student's papers can be funny. They do not holler if you get up to go to the bathroom. The supervisor's go up to the front of the room at break time and read a funny student story. I can't remember anyone being fired. Just people quitting for permanent jobs.

The company respects you and knows you are seasonal. They do not fire you for going to interviews. They understand. The job is what it is. No freebies except for the tea and coffee. No frills. No benefits. But, people are friendly, warm hearted and caring. And your are well paid for the work you do. After a month, you switch subjects and rooms. So, you always meet new friends. As long as you make 70% or higher on the 'qualifying tests' (or training) the first day of each project, you have a month's worth of work.

The supervisors are friendly. After a couple of seasons, you can apply to be a supervisor for more pay. Wonderful company. I am going back this November. It is a shame that the work is seasonal.
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