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From Minnetonka, MN — 06/01/2009

There are a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you will like this seasonal job of scoring standardized tests. I like that all employees must have a college degree, because it really helps with co-worker competence (missing at many other jobs). I am a young person, so I might see things differently than an older person who works there. For a recent grad, this is an awesome job with excellent pay. You get $11/hr with a $50 bonus for working a 40-hour week. If you are an older person who has had higher paying jobs before, you might be dissatisfied with the pay. But the work itself is a breeze. You just need to be smart enough to learn how to do your job. From what I've heard in the standardized scoring business, this company is the best to work for as far as respect and the quantity of work available during the season. The major disadvantage is location and work environment. Some people won't like parking their cars in Eden Prairie and catching a shuttle bus to get to and from work (because of lack of parking on site). You can imagine how crowded it can be in the rooms. There are two computers per desk so you will be sitting right next to somebody and can hear everything they are chewing on (carrots, celery, ice). I personally, get sick from the old-man smell I frequently am subjected to with who I am assigned to sit by. The company does not allow nice smells like flowers or perfumes, which would help with all of the people stuck in such a small area that barely passes fire codes, I'm sure. There used to be a lot of job postings for career growth, but that list is very small now and there aren't a lot of opportunities to work for the company year-round. The company itself has a lot of rules. They are not unreasonable, but you will not be able to have your cell phone on during work hours or listen to your ipod. There is no incentive to work fast because everyone will get paid the same. I know it is counter-intuitive to work hard because the sooner the project is over, the fewer days you have to work (and the less money you'll make), but can't everyone at least try to make the company a little money by doing their fair share? If you're production is ridiculously low, you might not be asked back to another project, but other than that, they will probably have future projects for you to do.
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