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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Buffalo, NY — 01/29/2009

I started working at Dash Markets within the last year and LOVE it! I was hired at a better than average salary and received a 4% raise within the first 2 months. The store owner is always available to his employees, is friendly and hospitable. With today's high cost of healthcare, the owner has done everything possible to keep his employees' cost as low as possible. All employees receive paid vacation time after 1 year and full timers get paid personal days after 6 months. Dash's has always been complimented on the quality of it's workers. Very pleasant- way better than the big supermarkets. As far as job security goes, this is one of the reasons I joined their company. None of that union garbage that protects the lazy workers. You are rewarded for good honest hard work and loyalty, and the ones that don't have those qualities are let go! I couldn't be happier!
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