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Job Security5
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Career Growth5
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From Albany Ga — 02/27/2008

After working for years at CallTech communications a supervisor, I thought that the hell of that place was one that no one could ever escape. I was one of the few people that took care of my agents and trained them as well as possible but was never given any respect for doing so. After being demoted by a manager that had less skills that required of a labotomized lab rat, I began looking for a job and found one here. Even though Darton is not a company, it is a paradise. The wages are not the best in the field but far exceed anything else to be found in the Albany area. The people you work with are talented, and really make you feel appreciated. The president of the collage is always respectful and appreciates hard work. The bennifits are amazing! I love my job, and hope to be here for many years to come!
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