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From Dallas — 02/02/2010

I have only been here 3 months..Not as Impressed as I thought I would be..A Friend of mine went to another Company with the Lease Purchase and I am here at Dart..We compare monthly Profit reports...He Beats me hands down with JCT and a 2009 Truck compared to my 2005.Jan was my worst month..My Monthly Profit was $737.90..He beat my profit 3 times over the last week of January.And for all u brown nosers that will say..I sat on my rear and did nothing, I am constantly against my 70 hrs..except for when I am sitting without a load or refuse to take a load of 46000 lb beer @ .89 a mile..Fuel surcharge included..and if you have an appt like my eye dr appt..well cancel wont be there..when you do go home expect 200 to 300 miles unpaid to get there and I go 164 miles unpaid to leave the house..this happened both times I went home..Lets see that was 2 days after Thanksgiving...and Christmas Evenot bad for being there 3 months..Home Twice..So by the time they take out Truck Payment ,Insurance,Permits and Baseplate...oh and .10 mile into maintainance acct...well ya got enough for a hot dog at the truckstop or u owe them money.. I had 4 settlements that I turned in where I owed them Money..1. $190.00 /2. $442.40 3. $175.93 4. $10.68..My phone has been shut off and my wife is looking for a job..I do have a prepaid Phone now and spent $4.95 that I dont have to use the Flying J internet for a day to post this..Oh did i mention that I signed up for Dedicated or a South Regional Route...I sure see alot of Wi,Mn,IL and Pa ..Not too far South if ya ask me...Just my Explanation of My Dart Experience
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