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From Fresno, CA — 09/09/2009

I have worked at Dantel for years and I have seen many changes in management. One common thread runs through it all: TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. Some of my best friends have or do work here. Yes, the recession has hit Dantel like everyone else. However, after 41 years in business, they are not just alive, but moving forward with big plans for the future. Temporary pay cuts are common in bad times, but EVERYONE participates in the cut from the top down. When sales improve, management does what they can to fix things later on for everyone across the board.

There is a loyalty and comaradrie that you will not find many other places. I sometimes think about leaving for more money elsewhere, but there are just too many other positives for me to jump ship.

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal with quality at the top. Flexible hours help the employees. Fringe benefits are decent but not extensive at the moment. Insurance coverage is good. A relaxed work atmosphere is very helpful for personal and family situations. I personally knew one guy who worked here at least three different times and always said he liked it here.

I would not have you think that everyone is always happy or that things are perfect. On the whole, Dantel is a good place to be. I could go on, but you get the idea.
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