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From Boston — 04/10/2009

I work in direct patient care and the role has been very rewarding and challenging. It's easy to feel connected to your work and staff are very dedicated and committed to the mission.

If you are in a psychology/social work/complementary therapies role - it's easy to feel: undervalued, underpaid, overworked and overlooked. Colleagues in this field agree.

Burnout and compassion fatigue run high in this realm. Little support to prevent and address this. There is a feeling that psychosocial roles are perceived as "soft" sciences and, as a result, not highly-valued by oncology medical staff and the Institute in general. Cancer patients/families here are quick to share the value it has on their care which is the hopeful piece :)

Compensation is the worst. Feeling like you're working MUCH harder than what you get paid for is common. When the time comes, this will be the ultimate reason I leave the Dana-Farber for another employer. Psychosocial fellows, interns, staff are cautioned. But this brutally honest critique described the worst of it.

The good:
Everything else!

This is a wonderful place to make an impact on someone's life in the wake of their life-threatening illness. You can believe in the EXCELLENT quality of service/patient care and feel SO PROUD about it. The benefits are really good!

The newly-formed Diversity & Talent Management Office is awesome and is creating lots of new career development opportunities for staff and working to address some existing barriers around diversity.
Working in the Longwood Medical Area is great b/c DFCI feels so central to all things Boston. Location is key! DFCI even offers shuttle buses from many metro-areas that drop-off staff in front of the hospital's main campuses, nice perk!

And I hear time and time again, how great working at DFCI looks on your resume. A recruiter recently told me when he meets candidates who worked at DFCI, he automatically considers it a booster-shot.

It can be difficult to get your foot in the door, but if you meet the qualifications and can work around some things, it is totally worth trying to get a job here. Again, it is competitive and can be challenging to do so. It helps if you know a DFCI staff member/do a co-op/network to go from temp to perm/start as an intern or fellow and then nudge your way in.

Oh one last honest piece:
HR is joke. There should be HR for DFCI HR as most of the Human Resources staff there should be replaced immediately, if not sooner.
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