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From Chicago — 04/24/2009

These comments are by far no reflection of the entire Dakkota Chicago Team. My time here at Dakkota has been good. Yes, there are a lot of things I hate about management and especially some of the people I work along side with that complain everyday they come to work and the stupid contract that people are afraid to speak up on but I come from a company that never communicated to us, didn't believe in an open door policy and would never let you give a suggestion or an opinion on improving a process. The managment team here trys and wants everyone to succeed. Now of course we all have our bad days but at the end of the day the no brain HR Mgr, the Plant Mgr that makes you cry and the washed up balla that you(s) referred to in your last comment are all here to enforce a rule or policy that you(s) are making hard for the rest of us.
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