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From Stanford, KY — 06/19/2010

I worked at Dairy Queen while in high school, and I (for the most part) enjoyed it. Most of management was nice. One was a little off her rocker - like Dairy Queen was the most important place in the world. She made me cry once, but I know she was just trying to teach me. She just came across as mean. I enjoyed the girls I worked with, and made some extra cash. They really worked around my schedule. When I wanted to do "high school" things like Homecoming and prom, they were very nice about not putting me on the schedule. I think it's because I worked whenever they needed me. HATED working drive-thru though. I was always expected to do drive-thru AND keep up with people ordering inside. THen they'd yell at me when I'd FORGET what I was doing! What in the world? After some customers complained, they stopped putting me in drive-thru - a blessing in disguise:)
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