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From Hilliard, Ohio — 03/16/2009

First off - Dairy Queens are franchises. The pay, environment and management will vary widely between locations because they are owned an operated by completely different people. One can not say "Working for Dairy Queen is terrible" without the qualifier "working for MY Dairy Queen is terrible."

With that said, the Dairy Queen in Hilliard, Ohio is wonderful. I worked there for 4 years spanning part of high school and college and I made far more than I would at any other part time job. Raises were given often and the every employee received a sizable bonus at the end of the year. The owner also took everyone out for dinner around Christmas.

Scheduling was always done around the employees' prior commitments which made it perfect for high school students that were involved in extra-curricular activities. They were also the only place that would hire 15 year olds (other than the local grocery store which paid about half).

No place of employment is perfect, but for a fast food restaurant, I can not imagine there are many better. Employees are clearly valued and compensated well, and the longer you work there, the better your end of the year bonus. The few employees who did not do well during my tenure were either extremely incompetent or just impossible to please.
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