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From Bluffton, OhIO — 01/19/2009

Management considers employees #1, but they are running a business. Their job is to run a competitive company, the pay is good and the company pays 100% of our insurance, and it is good insurance. They pay 50% for any type of exercise equipment, health club memberships, etc, up to $1500. They pay 100% job related tuition assistance, and 70% non-job related, no questions asked. The local university costs $23,000 per year and they will pay (you must pay tax on anything over $5250, but this is a great deal). DTR puts up with a lot of *%#& from some employees that whine constantly. Those people ruin it for all of us that appreciate a company. On 9-24 they are paying for 100% PSA testing for anyone over 40. They pay 100% for well check up physicals for me, and all members of my family. We get free flu shots, and have nurses on staff and a Dr. that visits every week. You can go to him for free. They pay 100% for people who want to stop smoking and they are not taking away time from breaks or lunch.This company did everything they could to keep from having a lay-off. Originally they thought that 197 people would need to be off. Associates and management are remailing flexible and people accept that they need to change jobs or shifts and we only lost 94 people! The company is paying 100% of their health insurance during the lay-off. Companies are not required to do this, and not many compainies would do this. A small percentage of associates are complaining that we should get rid of HR, Sales, Purchasing, and Engineers. These people do not consider what DTR will do when business picks up again. You cannot hire engineers right off the street that have zero experience in rubber extrusion. The hate and anger of these complaining associates is unbelievable. Most of them still have their jobs, but they don't want anyone to have a job. I don't think they will be happy unless the company closes and we are all out of work. Message to those who are unhappy; LEAVE DTR, WE DON'T NEED OR WANT YOU. WE ARE GOING TO BOUNCE BACK FROM THIS AND COME OUT ON TOP. GO TO ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS OR SOMETHING, THE COMPANY WILL PAY FOR IT, AND YOUR CO-WORKERS WILL THANK YOU. JUST SHUT UP!
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