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From Coconut Creek, FL — 02/26/2010

Pay was terrible. I was getting paid 6.75 and was there for almost 2 years. What pissed me off even more about my pay was how I was constantly told how good of an employee I was but had yet to receive a raise! The managers, while they lasted, where really cool but clearly showed how much they hated their job. I was there back in 2006 so the district manager then was an a-hole. He was really rude and acted as if he was God. I heard he's gone now and they have some new district manager but I could honestly care less. I felt safe at work esp with my paranoid manager that would follow every customer when it was near closing time to constantly remind them that the store will be closing soon. Lmao. The co workers were really nice and made you feel like you were home with the family. The other thing that I really hated about my CVS was that they would have one employee working the entire store. That means I had to work the photo lab, ring up customers, assist customers that couldn't find a product, and straighten up the store! I would never ever become a manager at CVS because they did just as much work as me if not more sometimes and I know for a fact that their pay wasn't that great. My bosses and co workers is what made me stay as long as I did.
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