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From WV — 02/01/2010

I've been at CVS for almost 2 years. I loved it, but it did have it's times. I got about 13 hours a week!, that was the only problem I had with the company. I loved my co-workers, and knew exactly how to do everything. Now I got another job at Rite Aid, getting 30 hours every week!...I wanted to work one day at CVS( I still love it) I talked to my manager and he said one day I could work at Rite Aid and work one day a week at CVS...2 days later he told me he has been THINKING about it, and I can't do both!!! That I had to choose! For me CVS was an okay company to work for, not GREAT pay but i could deal with it. The company can treat you bad, if you let them. I work(ed) as a cashier, and My manager depended way too much on the employees. He told us that he didnt care if we had to danger our lives to get to work in WV in the middle of the worst snow storm in years!. Overall CVS is a GOOD company to work for, NOT THE BEST.
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