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Job Security5
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From Altamonte Springs, FL — 01/06/2010

The pay is not so great, but it's retail, so there aren't many places that will pay good in retail. My manager is wonderful, but I hardly ever see him. My coworkers are competent for the most part, but there are some things that they should know, but don't. The biggest problem with CVS is that we only have one person cashiering and that person also has to straighten, answer the phones, and help customers find items. Customers come up to the counter all the time and yell at me for not being there at the exact second they walked up there. I've heard about this problem from other CVS stores also. Overall, CVS has good benefits, even for part timers, pay that is underwhelming but expected for retail, and is understaffed but won't hire anyone because of the economy (my guess, anyway). It's a decent job, but definitely not a career.
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