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From Staten Island, New York — 09/22/2009

Your experience with this company vastly depended on what store you work. Everyone has a different managing style. I worked at 2 CVS stores and absolutely hated the first one and LOVED the second one.

i Worked at the first CVS for 8 months
At the first CVS I worked at The management was horrible,, the hours sucked if you weren't among the favorites, did i mention they picked favorites! they trained who they want for register and everyone else was stuck lifting boxes in the basement, cleaning under the conveyor belt. Micro-managing was a huge problem. Not to mention the managers were extremely snide and condescending. You had to ask for something to do every five minutes which was annoying for both you {the entry level employee[crew member] ) and the manager.. the manager made sure he/she showed how annoyed he/she was. But God forbid you don't ask the manager for something to do.. they'll attack you. Everyone was always really awkward and sometimesy.. it wasn't a comfortable environment at all. There was always tension between everyone. I felt like a guinea pig the whole time i was there. They have like 10 assistant managers and shift supervisors that you have to call up the front for every little thing..
When they get tired of the old crew members they hire 10 new people and train the first blonde with a great smile for the register .
This store is all about perfecting things customers could care less about

AT THE SECOND CVS my experience was the exact opposite. It was like a dream come true compared to my first experience. Hours were great. I was trained immediately after starting. The staff was appalled to know how i was being treated at my previous CVS. Everyone genuinely smiles (not forced) and is very respectful. They are very laid back, as well as professional. As long as you got your work done you were on good terms. The staff are really close and make you feel good and welcome. The top store manager was very understanding and laid back. FARRR from a micro manager. This CVS is also very diverse. Managers were knowledgeable leaders, but not condescending jerks. You could talk to them like regular human beings. This CVS is very loyal to there employees. They don't hire replacements and cut your hours. I was trained for photo within my first week.

What stinks about both these CVS stores and all CVS stores, they start you at minimum wage. But if you get a good amount of hours it's decent. and if you raise your postion to photo, pharmacy, shift supervisor etc - you see an increase in wages. Also as time progresses I believe after a 6-mos to a year you see 25 cent raise. not sure

OVERALL - GREAT experience with one CVS and HORRIBLE with another.
I suggest privately interviewing an employee within the store you want to apply to get a feel for the place. It really depends greatly on management style
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