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From NY — 08/12/2009

I worked my ass off for this company and nobody appreciated or noticed anything I did. Now that I quit a week ago, I hope they start to realize what a mess the store is going to be. I constantly organized and cleaned the place.

The managers were nice, except this one who you'd really have to get on her good side for her to be nice to you. I felt like every time I called a manager to the front, for 20's or to scan their card to override a return, that it was MY fault. They would walk sluggishly to the front of the store while I'm desperately waiting for them with a huge line of impatient customers. Walking to the front of the store to give me change is NOT that hard at all. Am I supposed to apologize because a customer paid with a hundred dollar bill? Or if I need pennies?
I don't even know what they do when they sit for hours in the office. They worked their way up to be in management, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who is controlling the store with everything that I did.

My boss had also promised me to be head cashier 4 months ago. This would have surely fixed my annoyance of asking a manager for change because with this position, I could just get it myself. He never followed up on it though. He promised everyone everything, but never actually put it to action. I confronted him about it after I heard he promised it to a new girl and 2 other employees as well. He gave me the excuse that I needed to work at least 4 days a week, but I already have been for the past year. He didn't think I still did. I definitely deserved that position. I would have taken it, but I realized that I did NOT want to go through another school year of working until 11pm while getting up at 5am for school. Not to mention my grades of my most important year in high school suffered because of this job. I wish I would have had more time focusing on my grades instead of working 5 days a week at this place. The money was not worth my lack of sleep and decreasing grades.

The only good things about this job are that I worked with my friends, my boyfriend, and I lived just 5 minutes away.
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