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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Maple Grove, MN — 06/28/2009

Pay: I work as a Shift Supervisor, which is like an assistant manager, just with less pay and hours. I've been with the company almost 4 years now, and they have been really good about giving me the raises I deserve. I started as a photo technician, then became a shift supervisor, then became full time. I make a livable wage - but I worked hard for it.

Respect: I get respect from my coworkers and my managers. I have earned it though by working hard and giving the same respect to my peers.

Benefits: They give part time and full time benefits. The part time benefits were really crummy, but when I became full time it was much better. I get medical, dental, vision, the works. Only bad thing is I have to get my prescriptions filled only at CVS, but that figures, eheh.

Job Security: From what I've been told, this year CVS isn't laying people off but instead upper management and corporate people are not getting raises in order to not lay people off. So, job security is good.

Work/Life Balance: They are very willing to give me what days I ask off, and I work about 30 to 40 hours a week. I have time to get things done in my personal life when I need too.

Career Potential/Growth: I have been asked several times to become an assistant manager, work in the pharmacy, etc.. but I like where I am now, but there is always an opening to growth.

Location: My store is about 15 minutes away, and here in Minneapolis they are opening more stores as the year goes on.

Co-worker Competence: Okay, this one is iffy. There are some coworkers that I work with that are loyal and respectful and do the best job they can do. We also have some high school kids that are in it just for a paycheck who really don't try. But they are good kids, just not very motivated!

Work Environment: Not bad, can get kinda messy in the store but with dozens of customers and their little kids messing things up.. and the groups of teenagers that come in and mess around... it's a neverending battle. But hey, I get paid to clean up, so yea. Just wish I didn't have to do it every night.

So, overall CVS isn't a bad place to work. I actually like all of my coworkers, and I like my pay. The worst part is usually the customers... but that's retail for you.
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