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3.5Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From pa — 03/10/2009

pay: pretty good, as long as you do your work you get hours and more money.
respect: not much, but it's that whole retail drama scene, it's easier to just stay under the radar and do whatever work you're supposed to do. try not to get too involved in politics, even tho some managers and coworkers will try to drag you down into their cliques and who's who.
benefits: good medical coverage.
job security: a lot of turnover due to the politics of the people and not being treated with respect.
work/life balance: good. they are pretty upfront with hours if they like you.
career potential/growth: depends if you have skills they need to move you up in the company.
location: one on every street corner.
co-worker competence: not much. most managers push their 20-something employees into management over the teens and part timers and they take advantage of being in charge and just sit around all the time.
work enviroment: crappy, toilets always overflowing in many of the stores i worked at.

okay if you plan to stay a couple of years, but not the greatest of companies. most people could do better.
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