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4.4Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Minneapolis, MN — 09/16/2008

CVS was overall a great company to work for. I worked there for over three years, beginning as a cashier at $7.50/hour and moved up into a store manager role making very descent money within two years. I have no college degree and had very little experience upon joining CVS, and they gave me the chance to succeed. CVS definitely rewards hard work and dedication - encouraging a "promote from within" culture. They are good at recognizing good work, and as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, there is endless growth potential. My biggest complaint is definitely the amount of workload and hours you are forced to work as a salaried manager. At the time I left, I was working 80-90 hour weeks. They would constantly cut hours leaving you with just one manager and one cashier on the floor and usually just the pharmacist in the pharmacy. It was next to impossible to complete all the tasks given the amount of staff you could have on the clock at a time.

Pay was average for a salaried retail manager position at this type of store. A store manager in a high-volume department store will definitely make more, but the pay here is more than enough to live comfortably. Cashiers and other positions were also very average, but ranged greatly depending on the store - stores that were harder to fill positions paid better.

I felt very respected by all levels of management at CVS, including the area and regional managers.

Benefits were average, but slightly better than what I had at another national retailer.

Job Security was solid, as long as you did your job and followed the rules.

Work/Life Balance was horrible as a manager, working 80-90 hour weeks on a frequent basis.

Career Potential & Growth was unlimited, I rose from a cashier to a store manager in 2 years - but I also worked my butt off to get there. They encourage success of their employees. The CEO himself began as a simple pharmacist.

Location depends on where you live, some parts of the country are flooded with stores, some have very little, so there is no way to rate this.

Co-Worker Compentence varied often, like all retail stores. You had some who were very compentence, and others who weren't - but they wouldn't last too long at CVS.

The overall work environment was above average for retail. Retail in itself is very difficult.
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