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From Warner Robins, GA — 03/03/2008

I didn't rate benefits because I opted not to have any. For the most part, the store I work at is great as far as work dynamic. I have a great boss who really has a nice balance on fairness. She never belittles anyone and will not allow any customer to belittle her employees. The pay is decent and she is fair in raises as long as you are doing what is expected of you. It is relatively easy to get promoted fairly quickly as a store manager (maybe 1-1/2 years), but expect to work a lot of hours. We have a top-performing store and are always been visited by the Dm and Regional Manager, but my boss works 50+ and works her behind off!! Sometimes I wonder how she balances work and home, but I know she loves her job. The downside is she receives a great monetary raise every year, but she is well overdue for a better position offer which she greatly deserves! That is one thing I hate. It seems that there is a glass ceiling once you get to a store management position. Most people have been doing it for many years and that is the end of the line.
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