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From Virginia — 04/14/2010

I think for the most part CSC is an excellent place to work. I am lucky with both the manager and contract that I work on. I have heard both sides at CSC and for the most part I feel that those who are not happy are usually the ones that are working on contracts where the client is calling the shots not CSC. In this day the client is always right and that makes life hard on many contractors working for them. Managers have a tough problem because they (mostly) have the best intentions for their employees but are often asked by a client to do things quicker and cheaper often at the loss of employee morale. My suggestion would be to learn as much as you can about the contract before accepting a position because CSC is a good place to work for and offers longevity to those who search and work for it. I started at CSC with a contract that was difficult and worked with some below average talent but once I made a decision to move to my current contract within CSC (been here for 5 years now) I have had nothing but a pleasant experience. Every job is what you make of it and CSC offers a chance to have a good job. I will agree with the statement though that if you are looking for a huge raise you sometimes will have to move from one contract/business unit to another.
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