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From Columbia, Missouri — 01/04/2010

I've read all of the reviews about the Barrel, and some of the things said I do agree with. I really think I got lucky, because I love my job. I have a great management team. They are caring and supportive. Our GM is awesome. He always has time to talk to you, no matter what is going on, makes you laugh when you feel stressed out and want to cry, and is understanding if you are sick or have some personal issues going on. I agree that the tip money has gone down due to putting more servers on the floor. Here's a thought- if people were doing their work and keeping up, they wouldn't have to put more people on the floor! DUH!!! As far as claiming tips is concerned, by law, you are supposed to be claiming 100 percent of tips, and only the people who don't do that get penalized. Working in a restaraunt is always stressfull, especially on the weekends. Put up or shut up!!! If you can't handle it, go somewhere else, I guarentee you that it will be the same. Sidework can be time consuming, especailly when you have to roll 60-120 silverware. If you keep it up during your shift, you won't be there for an hour, and silverware takes 10 minutes. I don't know, it seems like all of the people who wrote these reviews must have terrible managers and lazy co-workers. With the right team, this is an awesome job.
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