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From Memphis & Jackson, T — 08/22/2008

I worked for CB for 5 years, and loved it! I started working right before my 18th birthday (which is not allowed), but they made the mistake of hiring me early, so they let me stay. All in all, I had a great experience there- the only negative is that I got fired once for cursing about a disagreeable guest... in the kitchen... while crying about the way that she was verbally abusing me. They have a no tolerance policy for cussing, you must be "country fresh!!!!" However, a call to the district manager got me back on board in the same week. As for good experiences, I loved most of my managers, and the fact that the other employees were pretty decent people. I had many experiences of amazing blessings from guests including a brand new video camera, sixty dollar tips from single people, and many other 20 and up tips. I worked until I was hugely pregnant, and I still felt like working every day. I liked the fact that the people who work there are not the same types of people that you would see working in bars or something, they were more family -types (although not all of them). The PAR system allowed people to be recognized for their work ethic and their attention to detail. I also think that it is great that there are so many all over the U.S. - over 500 now, it's amazing. I think that my favorite part of the job was being exposed to all of the travelers from all over the U.S. and the world; I liked to show them that not all southern people were dumb! I really had so many memorable experiences that I could never list them all- including meeting my husband, who was a grill cook/shift leader. I think that working at CB really strengthened me as a person, and helped to better prepare me for the world, both in business and in my personal life. You have no idea how much a simple job can do in your life!
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