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3.2Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Sharonville, Ohio — 09/14/2010

If you are just looking for a job while in college, a job to pay off your debts, or a job just to have some extra spending money, Cracker Barrel is the place. I worked at Cracker Barrel while in college, and now I am working at Cracker Barrel while I am in between jobs and getting my master's degree. As a server, I make pretty good money. The way I look at it, it's better than being unemployed and it's better than having to get food stamps. Most of the management is very respectful, although there is one particular manager that comes to mind that tends to demean others and jump to conclusions. As far as benefits go, you are not eligible for their insurance plan for several months after you work there, and even after that, it's not very good. The good thing is I never have to worry about losing my job, and because I am a good worker, I was able to come back when I left due to some family issues for a couple of months. I am able to get off for most of the days I request off, so there is a good work/life balance. Don't count on much career growth while here, I would just do your job and either plan on working that job for a while or plan on moving on to bigger better things. All Cracker Barrels are easily located along major highways, so you get a lot of travelers in the summer. As for my co-workers, they vary. I work with a lot of young lazy people, and a lot of seasoned, older, somewhat bitter people. This works to my advantage since I enjoy serving and sometimes others don't want tables...more money for me!

Overall, Cracker Barrel is a great job if you like serving others, and only need some extra money on the side.
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