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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Gainesville, FL — 08/13/2009

If the pay didn't stink this would have been a great place to work. I stuck it out for about 7 months until I found something making more money. There were meetings every Thursday morning that were actually fun to go to. They have free breakfast at the meetings. We always received free stuff when I worked there. You also get free cable and internet if you live in the area. On Friday's we always had a group lunch. Most of the time someone would grill chicken or we would get sandwiches from Publix down the road. The first two months you were in the training room. We had a very cool trainer which made the days fly by. You did have to deal with irrate customers a lot, but for the most part I found the irrate one's funny.

The hours were also good. We were on 4 10 hour days, so we had three days off a week.

In summary, the pay stinks, but every other aspect of the job was great.
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