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From Tulsa Oklahoma — 05/16/2007

BY FAR the job I ever had. I wish I had never screwed up and got fired. Pay was extreme 10.71 hourly from 8-7 time and a half 7-9 and double time 9 on. in 6 months you could make up to 16 a hour. FULL paid training by THE BEST trainers. Respect from my bosses was amazing coming from sales I was amazed I was being treated like a human not a cash machine. going to someone's house fixing their problems and having them praise you was the BEST feeling ever. Job Security was HIGH I got fired because of some stupid mistakes I made, and a couple of accidents where i fell though the celling due to miss stepping. Work/Life OH MY GOD never has a company bent over backwards to make their employees happy. They make you take vacations if you haven't yet. You get 18 hours of PTO a month starting out, and they are ALL WAYS willing to work with you on days off. Career Potential with this company is non stop. All the major job holders where at one time a Field service Rep, and love to tell you their success stories. People in audit, line, even I.T. where once FSRs. Location is in Tulsa Oklahoma so be ready to work in the rain or extreme heat. Co-Worker competence depends if its a contractor with little experience or a FSR who just hasn't been in the loop for awhile. all in all they are about the same. Work Environment is wonderful they have windows in the building, because if you look up my current job with directv thats one of my major complaints. that and they provide EVERYTHING from tools to duct tape. If your an active person, under 375lB (Most a ladder will hold), love outdoor work, and love to have a company that works for you not vice-versa. then this is YOUR job.
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