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From Minnesota — 05/25/2010

I was part-time, seasonal employee for Costco in one of their photo labs. I'm not going to lie, it was a DREAM job. As a college student, I got paid at $11/hr. Only jobs like that I could get were warehouse jobs that couldn't fit my schedule. They really helped working out my schedule whenever I had a conflict and never bugged me about coming in late (I had a couple occasions where I had to call in last minute to tell them I was going to be late), so the work/life balance was good. If you are looking for a decent paying job, a job that has GOOD raises and something that you can climb your way up to management, than apply at Costco. Maybe I just worked in a really good store, but everyone there seemed to get along and actually enjoy their job. I worked at Target for 1 1/2 years before that and boy was it nice having a company that actually cared about it's employees. Ever since the orientation with the cheesy videos saying how much the CEO cares about the employees, I felt like they actually did care. I was only part time and seasonal, so I didn't have much job security or benefits.

And after working 3 retail jobs before Costco, it was nice getting time and a half on Sundays where I never had that at my other jobs (which was also a bonus since I almost always worked sundays).
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