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From California — 09/29/2009

Working for Costco is what you make of it. Everybody knows that retail sucks, and yes, there will be a fair share of stocking/bagging/boxing/intensive labor involved. The truth is, the starting pay is $11.00/hr, which is far higher than minimum wage and you always have the opportunity for a raise. The cool thing is you work with a lot of people and there is a chain of command. The warehouse I was employed in was in a college town, so there was an opportunity to network and make a lot of friends. There are many departments in Costco and how hard you have to work will depend on the department in which you are hired. For example, I started in the food court, which if you are in the know- you know it is the bottom of the barrel. BUT the co-workers were extremely cool, the manager lasse-fare and the work was mindless and easy. When I moved to front end, I had more responsibility and grunt work to do. Basically, if you are a girl they will throw you into the middle of the store to fold clothes for 8 hours- which you get paid 3 dollars less to do at some shitty retail job. You also have to push carts around some days, rain or shine. BUT pushing carts means being outside, unsupervised and left to your own devices for the better part of the shift = more breaks. Once you are trained as a cashier it is a little bit of a blessing and a curse because you get a 50 cent raise but you must cashier basically every shift for 4-8 hours. The beauty of Costco, the front end, is you get to move around and they keep it so you could do something different every day. The really cool thing about working in such a huge place crowded with people? acting like you are working when really you are checking out what you will buy when your shift ends. Also make note, obv. great benefits but there is NO EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT, you get a free membership which is good because you save 50 bucks. As with any job, 90% of the fun is not what you do but who you work with, hopefully if you get hired you will make some friends, and with 200 + employees, your chances already increase.
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