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From Maritimes — 06/29/2009

First off, the pay is not bad at the start. I mean it's more then most places are when you have worked there for 10-12 years. But after 5-6 years at Costco you are at top rate or close to it and then get a bonus a few times a year. You have to earn your pay there through hard work. Respect is of course earned and it goes both ways too. I have gained respect through my work and getting the job done without whining and crying like a few do all the time.(if you can't do it...get're wasting time and $$)Benefits are great for anyone! You get 50% health after being there for 3 months, 2% cash back yearly on what you buy in the store, a bunch of paid sick days and a few floater days.(and this is for part time not full time) All this would never be found where I used to work. Never!! Job security is there for sure as we are doing just fine in the retail business, not like some. Work/life balance is off and on at times but you have to understand we are in a recession and the company doesn't owe anyone any favors because of it. If we work hard and stop bitching so much, the benefits will be there on the other side. Career potential/growth is always there at Costco. It may take you a few months or a few years to get to where you may want to be, but it would be worth your time and effort. Some just are happy at part time making $30,000-40,000 a year and some at full making $60,000+. It depends on what you want to offer for your time. A few full timers, yes due think they are owed that $$ at minimum hrs put in, but they will be disguarded before long. Location is perfect!! Co-worker competence is sometimes good but most times bad. A few for sure think they don't need to work hard at all and the rest of us have to bust ass to get their work done. I say in due time they will be filtered out the door and they will. If you think if you are owed something after working for Costco for 2 weeks, you are highly mistaken. For those type out there... you need not apply at Costco. Stay on welfare! Work environment is fine until the lazy ones show up for work or call in sick. Ditto on co-workers competence. I'm pretty much happy though at Costco because I have been on the other side and I don't want to ever go there again that's for sure. The benefits for sure are the key to keeping employees happy and the pay is a bonus. I know money isn't everything but having a great free health plan is these days.

If you like to learn and grow in your knowledge of retail, work hard and don't bitch about every little thing that comes your way, than maybe Costco could be the place for you as well. It is for me!
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