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From Red Deer, Alberta, Canada — 01/19/2009

I have been working at this costco for 6 months now, being laid off my prior job i was desperate and needed to find work fast, someone asked me if i tried costco, they said they are always hiring. I got the job with relative ease, the pay is nice 12 dollars an hour with a raise after 3 months. I felt very respected when i started, i found the best plan of attack was to do very little talking and do my job, doing just enough chit chatting with the authorities to make em laugh, i work for mostly women so charming them isnt difficult. Costco is a very "if they like you you will stay" company, if i was not well liked from my co workers and authorities I would have been skidded long ago. I hear benifits are alright i havent looked into them. In december i was doing alot of drinking and had a no call no show and a phone in sick, and several tardies, tardies and no call no shows are a good way to get noticed at costco (in a bad way of course) u must avoid this. I dont see myself moving up and i dont really want to, everyone i work with is very kind and we all get along and have social gatherings sometimes upwards of 3 times a week, very tight knit group, if u are not liked at costco it would be a bad job for sure. the enviroment is fine, just watch out for all the disgruntled customers you must face working here, there are alot, thats about it, i would definetely recomend costco to anyone i thought could handle it.
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