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From CA — 12/22/2008

First of all, a little background about myself. I started working for costco during my second year of college. I was hired part time, as most new hires are, and never intended to make a career out of it, which is why i quit before graduation.
PAY! Costco starts at $11 (last time i checked) which was very good for me, being a college student with nothing to spend on but myself. I made more money than my friends who worked at jobs making minimum wage. However, this is probably very low for someone trying to support a family. Most of the new hires were really young people, many students, who lived with their parents.
RESPECT! This definitely has to do with the type of person you are and the type of people you encounter. I'm an easy going guy who works really hard and tryes to get along with anyone I work with, I never did however sucked up to anyone. I treaded my superiors with respect and acted warmly toward them. But there were many managers who were always moody and took out their stress and pressure on their subordinates through no fault of the subordinates. Some managers are jerks and simply do not know how to treat people, however i did have the pleasure of working with some managers who were amazing.
BENEFITS! Good benefits, you can sign up for many things the company offers. Being a young busy with schoolwork college student, I never paid much attention to the package, but I know they do offer one.
JOB SECURITY! Again depends on the people. Just do your job to the best of your ability with a positive attitude and make an effort to get along with your co workers. You don't have to suck up, but make sure you're not on anyone's bad side for no reason. During my two years working there I saw a lot of drama between co workers and between management and subordinates, many really juicy stories, but all of that would definitely hurt you should you decide to move up within the company. You do have a probation period of 3 months or so where the company may fire you if you're not what they are looking for. So do your job and you'll be fine.
WORK LIFE BALANCE! I thought it was ok. I only worked after my classes. Usually 32-35 hours per week. But i was comfortable with the schedule. Since i had school in the morning, i obviously didn't mind having a late shift. 5pm-10pm weekdays..11:30am-8pm weekends. But if you want early shifts it may be hard to get ahold of.
CAREER GROWTH! Many openings arise and youre free to apply for them. If you work hard you will be concidered. BUT Most positions are given in terms of seniority, meaning they are given to those who have been there the longest.
LOCATION! More and more stores open all the time! I'm sure there's one near you.
CO WORKER COMPETENCE! Very diverse. You have to be 18 to apply so the age ranges from that up. Many full time students in college.
Work Environment! Most departments become really good friends. I always got along with my co workers even though some didn't so much. Obviously people socialize with coworkers after work which is what we did. We had dinner nights and hung out on weekends.
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