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4.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Burlington, WA — 12/05/2006

In my experience Costco has been a great place to work at. They pay wages at the top of the industry and the average warehouse employee makes 16 an hour. Since Costco primarily promotes from within the company, career potential and advancement is pretty good. If you make it through the 3 month probationary period, your job is very secure. You can't get fired unless you do something really stupid. I like that Costco does the 3-month probationary period because it weeds out those who can't handle it, which definitely makes things better for you. Very team-oriented environment and most of your coworkers are very friendly. Yes, sometimes you may hate your job and sometimes you run into some very rude customers, but the pay makes it worth it during these times. Not only that, but you will run into crap once in a while with any company. Overall, If you're thinking of working for Costco, do it! Look to their very low turnover rate..I think that shows something!
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