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From Corning, NY — 08/30/2008

Corning Inc is a good place earn a paycheck in a meaningless job. The company seems to take diversity very seriously and offers many of the standard things that you would expect from a corporation with perhaps a lot less of the negative aspects found elsewhere. If you look up the demographics for Corning, NY it's something like 97% caucasian but you will find somewhere around 40% non-whites working at the company as you walk around, many who have been sponsored from other countries (India, China, Europe) or recruited from major cities in the US like Chicago, LA, nyc, etc. There are lots of training and advancement options such as online courses, some of the short ones are mandatory, mock interviews in the dept where you would like to transfer and informational meetings. The work-life balance seems to vary from one dept. to the next and some areas seem a lot more lenient about working at home (given high gas prices it would be nice if it were more widespread).

If you're looking for a job here and don't see anything posted it's because they use several recruting agencies. I have no idea why they don't post links to them on their career section. The two major recruing agencies are Computer Task Group and Addecco. After their last big lay-offs it seems like are exclusively using permanent contractors on a lot of positions, then again this seems to be an industry-wide practice now-a-days.

If you're coming from a major city, then Corning, NY will be a pretty big step down in terms of what it offers, but it's a very safe and clean area. The most common crime is probably occasional speeding. Many places are closed by 8-10pm and do not open on weekends. I've yet to find a mechanic who works on weekends. Realtors also do not work around their customers schedules and also do not work on weekends or evenings. Big difference from nyc where you can almost get anything at any time. The nightlife was a big surprise to me. I had never seen a "happening bar" where the lights were fully turned on, there was kareoke and senior citizens with canes and walkers hanging out at the bar right along the young ppl. The nearest city is Rochester, NY 1.5hrs away and probably offers the closest resemblance to a big city (Binghamton is 1hr away but isn't worth going to). Bars close at 4am, has a theme park nearby (Darien Lake), only imax theather in 300mile radius. It's also got some life to it during school semesters because of RIT and University of Rochester. There are some nice restaurants to keep the parents entertained while they come to visit their kids.

I hope this review was helpful to you.
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